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5 Key Elements Of Website Design
posted this on May 8, 2012, 19:52

elements_website_design.JPGOne of the most important ways to communicate with customers is your small business' web site. They use it to get in contact with you and perhaps even place orders for your products and services.

That's the reason it's so vital that your web site function and function well. A good site has the following five key elements of website design: concept, content, navigation, decoration, and marketing efficacy.

#1 Concept

What is the concept of your website design? Here's a hint: It has to be connected to the very heart of the business itself. Is it a cake business? A clever idea would be to use a picture of a cake with candles or layers on it and make each item a clearly-marked link. Is it a psychologist's office? The web site better look professional without any gimmicky items.

#2 Content

The content of the web site has to be correct and relevant in order to be useful for your customers. If the content doesn't inform them in some way, it shouldn't be a part of the website design. The information needs to be updated constantly.You need to give your customers a reason to come back. They have no reason to do so unless the content is updated on a regular basis.

#3 Navigation

They also have no reason to come back if they can't access the information they want in the first place. Good navigation helps them get to where they need to go with the fewest clicks possible. The last thing you want is a frustrated customer who can't figure out how to get in contact with you or place an order. 

#4 Decoration

Decoration is a necessary tool. It's the reason a person stays and looks at all the pages of your site. Decoration involves the supporting design elements such as buttons, graphics, and fonts. It's making the site look pretty in addition to its function.

#5 Marketing Efficacy

Of course, there's no point in maintaining a web site for your business unless there's a purpose to it. The site should have some call to action behind it. Maybe it's the products that you want to sell. Perhaps your web site features weekly coupons for your business and entices regulars to try new products. Web sites can be a way to have customers participate in loyalty programs by entering codes. No matter what the reason, make your site's effect spread beyond the Internet and back into your business.

Have you got the design elements of your website right?